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Suicide of Lam Ho Kit (Kit Chai) in Hong Kong

Tragic suicide case of Lam Ho Kit 林豪傑 a.k.a. Kit Chai 傑仔 in Hong Kong. Struggling with depression, traumatized by the sight of his mother's suicide on 911 day, failure in studies, failure in getting a job, dashed ambitions, worried about how all this would affect his family, he followed his mom's footsteps by burning charcoal in a confined space. News video in Cantonese with Mandarin subtitles. English transcript follows below.

Kit Chai... Waaaa... [wailing, crying]

19 year old Kit Chai committed suicide by burning charcoal

"I just want to be back at my mom's side
I'm tired, I'm suffering
Sorry... I love you all
Please forgive me"

10 years ago, on the day of 911
9-year-old Kit Chai came home after school to Tsuen Wan Centre Apartments

Originally mother and son relied on each other
But mother couldn't stand the stress of divorce
Committed suicide by burning charcoal

Kit Chai's fragile heart was deeply hurt
Afterwards, he followed his Kung Kung (maternal grandfather) and Por Por (maternal grandmother)
They moved to Tsuen Wan Fuk Loi Estate
Relied on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance for living

He did what should be done, he studied hard
Aspired to be a rescue personnel
However, his exam results weren't good

He enrolled into the Yi Jin Programme - Certificate in Uniformed Forces
And took an additional English course
But his results still couldn't meet the requirements for candidates

Two years ago, Kit Chai went to Australia for a working holiday
To learn English
Upon returning (to Hong Kong), Social Welfare Department staff told Kit Chai
He had to find a job upon turning 18 years of age
Otherwise it would affect the whole family's Social Security Assistance

Sadly, depression-afflicted Kit Chai
Still couldn't find a job in the end
Only by moving out alone
Kung Kung and Por Por could get HKD10,000 in Social Security Assistance

In two months
He didn't update his family members about his address
He moved to Tsuen Wan Tso Kung Square cubicle apartment

Last Friday after meeting with Social Welfare Department staff
He returned to Fuk Loi Estate for dinner
Perhaps due to being stressed out, he couldn't say anything
After that he disappeared for two days
Kung Kung kept calling him but couldn't get through

"I just want to be back at my mom's side
I already have serious depression mental problems
I can no longer pretend to be normal
I'm exhausted, I'm suffering"

19-year-old Kit Chai
Ended up following his mother's footsteps
Committing suicide by burning charcoal

Aunty, please let go of him
Please come back, Kit Chai, Kit Chai... Waaaa... [wailing, crying]

[Maternal grandfather of the deceased]

Ten years ago my daughter, his mother, burnt charcoal
Committed suicide by burning charcoal, it was in the newspapers
Ten years later my grandson did the same

[Lee Tak Shing, Psychiatric Specialist Doctor]

A lot of times, young people misunderstand
Thought they exhausted their mothers to death, will have feelings of guilt
Even if they think that's a way of solving problems...

He said family members should pay more attention
To young ones who go through unfortunate experiences
When there's a need, should seek specialist help

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